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‘Humour adds something to classical music’

In The Netherlands, Valentina Tóth is a pianist with a theatre hobby, in Belgium the actress who plays piano as well. “But I am both.”

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‘Adventurous search for balance in diversity’

As a pianist, she played in prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall en het Concertgebouw. She recorded two albums that were internationally awarded. She is a successful actress and music theatre maker. And she is not even 25 years old yet. Valentina Tóth stays modest and down to earth. 

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‘Five strong performances in Groningen’

From Purcells song ‘Under This Stone Lies Gabriel John’ to rambling garagerock, from didgeridoo-like sounds that serve as an introduction to a dark soundscape to rapping on captivating beats: in SoundTrack Vol. 1 by De Noorderlingen it seems like these combinations are completely logical. And in the hands of five (guest-)directors, but above all in the hands of these six young actors, it is. 

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‘Valentina Tóth is a true keyboard lioness’

De Klankvijver: a center for welfare and music, located in the old work shed on the Duivenvoorde estate. An atmospheric, restored national monument, in which the first house concert took place on Saturday.
The Hungarian Valentina Tóth (1994) is already a true keyboard lioness.

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‘Hungarian music suits me well’

On her debut album Hungarian Horizon (2013) Valentina Tóth recorded music by Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály. For her second album Ruralia Hungarica the pianist chose music by the lesser known Ernö Dohnányi (1877-1960).

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‘Valentina Tóth is a remarkable talent’

The first bars of the Haydn C major sonata sound transparent and gossamer. The main theme like a ‘skeleton with fragile bones’, as written in the program booklet. But it is this transparency which makes the opening of the recital so captivating.

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‘Strong plea Tóth for Dohnanyi’

For Glenn Gould, the only legitimate reason to make a recording was to do something different than those who came before you. The Canadian pianist might have been very eccentric, he was right on this one.

Friesch Dagblad, 15/10/2018
S. van Ek

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‘Four stars for Valentina Tóth’

De uit Leeuwarden afkomstige Valentina Tóth verloochent haar Hongaarse roots niet. Op deze onlangs uitgebrachte CD soleert zij in twee grote werken van Ernő (of Ernst von) Dohnányi, een Hongaar die in de tijd van Bartok en Kodaly minder vernieuwend uit de hoek kwam en enigszins in de romantiek is blijven hangen.

Dagblad van het Noorden, 29/09/2018
Rudolf Nammensma

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