Valentina has released two CD’s with the label Challenge Classics. In 2013 Challenge Classics released her debut CD, Hungarian Horizon. In 2014, this CD was awarded a Diapason d’Or. Her second CD with Challenge Classics was released in 2018, with works of Ernő Dohnányi.

Hungarian Horizon

Klara **** – “It is beautiful how Valentina Toth makes great art from this close to folk music leaning minatures.” – 

Audio Freaks – “With “Hungarian Horizon” Valentina Tóth made a fabulous debut that takes your breath away. Now small and emotional,  then grand and exuberant. Everything falls into place when you listen. Valentina takes you with her on a musical adventure that gets ever deeper and deeper every time you listen to the cd.” 

De Leeuwarder Courant **** – “Tóth uses her fantasy, has total control over the pieces she performs and achieves something that many other pianists do not achieve: her own identity combined with a strengthening of the pieces’ character.” 

De Gelderlander – “I have seldom heard someone who can be so absorbed in such passionate rhythms and musical ecstasy. Goosebumps guaranteed.” – 

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Ernő Dohnányi

Diapason ***** – “In the hands of this pianist, this musical journey is one of wonderful contrasts.”

Klassieke Zaken **** – “Music that displays the exciting Hungarian folk music influences in every note.” 

Friesch Dagblad – “Her reading of this pieces is a powerful plea for this music, wherein you can hear a strong pianistic personality.”

De Leeuwarder Courant **** – “Tóth is a great ambassador for these works.”

Luister – “Tóth’s playing is nicely thoughtful and sensitive in the melody lining. Surprising harmonious twists she gives space in a striking manner.”

Klara **** – “Effortlessly, Tóth rages through the Toccata”.

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